Fairfield Golf Club was inaugurated at a meeting that took place on the 11th November 1892.
Present were Messrs. Ashworth, Campbell, Hart, Sharrat, Suddon and Senior.

Mr W. Campbell being the only member who had previously played golf was allotted the task of laying out the course and drawing-up the ‘bye-laws’ (local rules).

This gentleman came from Dundee from whence he had been sent by his company, Robertsons to establish their jam factory in Droylsden. He evidently wanted to continue playing golf and was the prime influence in the founding of our Club.

It was agreed to accept the offer made by Mr Gallimore, a farmer, to rent land from him for the establishment of the course. The land was still in use for grazing and the greens were fenced to prevent damage by cattle!

14th August 1892:
Mr Newhook was engaged as the Club Professional at a wage of 15/- (75p) per week.

13th May 1893:
The first club competition was played for a club prize donated by the Captain.

19th May 1894:
The first inter-club match was arranged with Marple Golf Club and played at Fairfield. Fairfield won by 5 holes.